At the time of press, Tinder, a popular mobile-based dating app, sees an estimated 1.6 billion swipes per day, 26 million of which become matches (or about 1.6%). Tinder does not report on the number of rejections.

With my personal life in shambles, a friend recommended that I try my luck on Tinder. I told him that I didn’t think I was good looking enough to be on a platform that’s all about looks, but I gave it a try nonetheless.

Over two months I “liked” 1,000 profiles and had 0 matches.

The following are some of those rejections.



I’m smart and funny and enjoy taking walks along the river, & since this is the kind of stuff every guy says, I’ll say some other things. I enjoy looking at the clock when it says 12:34. I hate waking up 2 minutes before my alarm goes off. I have a cat who thinks he’s a dog. I’m good at breaking stuff. I’m good at fixing broken stuff. I’ve been known to make a girl snort with laughter. I know lots of useless trivia. I know my way around a camera. I have a degree in philosophy to match my beard.




No hook ups. I’m too old for all that and you probably are too.

Pushing 5’9




I’m a little unpredictable and a little bit crazy sometimes, but who wants normal?! as normal never got a Nobel prize, never broke the world’s record… normal would never dance in the rain… I would rather be extraordinary! I’m totally romantic… I believe in soul mates… That poor guy on the white horse must be stuck somewhere in tree, so I need to help him to find the right path… Guess I’m looking for someone equal creative and passionate for life. someone to have a good laugh with…




Friends. Laughing. Design. Red. Music. Crayons. Pens. Training. Wine. Blankets. Print.

I like nice boys.




Looking for my future husband.
Toy-boys swipe left




I am not perfect. If you are, I am not interested.




Artist. Activist. PhD student.




I’m an independent lady with a great network of friends & I’m not looking to add to that list from this site.

Swapping nude photos will not happen don’t ask. Group photos aren’t helpful & why put pics of your kids on here? Seriously think about this!

NOTE FOR ALL MEN women don’t get the horn over pics of dead/barely alive fish. Just stop!




If your looking for a booty call, someone with no children, who’s gonna buy your drinks or someone who’s going to boost your ego from the naked photos you send… Please please PLEASE swipe left!! If your looking for someone honest, non game playing and someone who’s not up for drama but enjoys fun and nice times then swipe right!




Ex city girl based in Knightsbridge. Appreciate good food and wine, stimulating conversation and positive people. Interested in politics, opera and theatre with the odd reckless night out.

Belle Époque, Paris, romanticism, elegance, nature, the beach…

Public school educated, university graduate preferably with French as a second language but not essential 😀


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